Friday, June 26, 2009

Doing shows makes me happy

I love to do shows. Maybe it's because I love the regular socializing. Maybe it's because I love to let go of reality a little and pretend that I'm someone and somewhere else. Maybe it's because I, as my mom warned Shelby before we were married, need, "a lot of reassurance." Yeah, that's probably it.


Myndi said...

I miss shows. and i miss you. lol but i'm glad to see you've been updating. in about 40 days mine might get an update. but until then i will read yours and laught. congrats on the part(s) btw

camillavt said...

Annie-- that's WICKED fun that you're still acting and being all sorts of theatrical. Yay! I remember you singing Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots..." back in high school at some show you performed at in Montpelier.
p.s.-- your mom commented on my blog. How can I get in touch with her? I miss that Tammy.