Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please pass the puke bowl

My boys are sick. They're the throw-up kind of sick. The "lay down the towels in the crib before they go to bed" sick. The "hello, this is your son's school and your little guy has thrown up on the playground please come and get him" sick. The "I was up all night letting Xander throw up on me 5 times so you could sleep, sweetie; and I've just thrown up at work" sick. Somehow Aria and I have avoided this boy-attacking disease, which is fortunate because if the girls went down, who would be left to take care of the boys? You know how it goes.
I had to make a special trip to the store for Gatorade, Saltines, and Lysol. Some fellow shopping moms looked into my cart knowingly. The check-out lady mentioned the number of women she'd seen so far today leaving with similar items. I wish you could have seen the look on Skyler's face when I told him there are certain situations when Gatorade is actually healthier to drink than water. You'd have thought I'd explained that candy is good for dinner. He looked shocked and amazed.
I've so far managed to help curb the hurling and Xander seems to be on the mend, but Skyler has a low-grade fever and Shelby still can't bring himself to eat anything of substance. He instead focuses what energy he has on making sure that I eat healthy foods and candy...after dinner. Thanks, babe! What a guy :)
I wish my boys would get better soon. It's hard to see them sick. At the same time, I know the illness won't last long and I'm grateful it's nothing more serious. So, while I wait, I'll clean up the vomit, push the Gatorade and Saltines, and count my blessings.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Lets not split hairs

On this my road to greatness, I make efforts to acquire new skills with which to shock and impress the world, and aid in our family's financial stability. This week, I decided to try and overcome my fears about cutting my family's hair. I have tried to add this to my repertoire of amazing skills a few times in the 7 1/2 years that Shelby and I have been married. Most attempts have ended in tears AND trips to the salon for "touch-ups" aka "overhauls." I use the word "fears" purposefully. They are, at the roots, fears of failure and causing my children irreparable social damage. I had similar fears about using yeast(minus the social damage thing), but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I overcame that particular fear of failure; so I decided to give this one another go.

My mom cut our hair all growing up. I actually remember vividly the only two times I ever went to a salon for a hair cut. One was in 4th grade when we decided to go with a chin-length style, and one in 9th grade, which had the unanticipated effect of making me look like Susan Lucci in a soft-focus lens, only with a slightly lighter color. The point is that my mom has had some experience and was generously willing to tolerate me as a student...again. "Didn't we already do this?" she said.

"Shhhh."I said.

She taught me about the different size cover thingies for the clipper thingies (sound confident, don't I?) and let me do it mostly by myself--which if you know my mom, you can understand what a triumph this was for her as well. Admit it, Mom!! :) She taught me about the direction of hair growth and how to cut it without making it look like rows on the head. Did I mention this was Shelby's head? What a trooper.

They both expressed complete confidence in me, against their better judgment, I'm sure. Regardless, I needed it and I was grateful. She taught me how to go around the ears and how not to cry, throw the scissors and clippers and give up. She taught me how to take deep, calming breaths despite my fears and strong urges to quit. In the end, I think it actually turned out pretty good. I dare say I'm willing to try it on my school-aged son (poor thing); confident enough
to send him to the wolves with a new mom-given haircut, and trust that they won't eat him alive.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little known fact

I've learned a lot about life from my children, like how to do certain things wrong.

Xander taught me about Chapstick. It is to be applied enthusiastically several times daily...on your cheek. The right one only. In a straight line. Then replace the cap, and minutes later you're ready for another application.

See? Simply defy all those rules, and your lips will be better in no time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Aria's dance class

Aria started dance classes this year. She started because she LOVES to dance. You should see her at my rehearsals. She knows the choreography as well as the leads and struts her stuff in the aisles. It is honestly her favorite thing to do and she asks about her dance class all week long. I wanted to snap a few photos during one of her sessions and she managed to tear her eyes away from her reflection in the mirror to oblige me. Trust me, it was a singular moment. She spends as much time admiring herself in the mirror as she does dancing. It's hilarious. There are no self esteem problems with this one.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


M: "Sorry, buddy. I don't think your friend can come to play today because he's taking fencing lessons right now."
S: "What's fencing?"
M: "Well, it's a sport and it's kind of like sword fighting."
S: "Except they sword fight on fences?"
M: (chuckling) "No, buddy. I think that would be kind of dangerous."
S: "Oh, well... I meant maybe just very short fences."

For the birds

Sunday afternoon I went downstairs to fold some laundry and spend time with Skyler in the family room. He'd been down there for a while and after I'd been there for 10 minutes or so, he said, "Mom, did you know I saw a bird in the house?"
M: "Really? Where?"
S: "Well, it was up by that window."(Pointing)
M: "Huh. Are you sure it wasn't outside the window and it just looked like it was inside?"
S: "No, Mom, I really think it was inside. It was trying to get out. I think it was in here because maybe it was cold out or something; but I guess it flew away.
M: "Hmm. Well, I guess it's gone. That must have been neat to see it."
S: "Yeah."
Okay, so an hour later I went upstairs, following mom-speed behind my zippy children. They ran into the living room as I made it to the kitchen to wash my hands (I have weirdness about folding clothes. It dries out my hands); when suddenly something dive-bombed at my head, swooping up to the fake foliage on top of my cabinets. I looked up and peering down at me, standing next to my very fake chicken, was a very real bird. It tweeted and flew back to the fake tree in my living room.
S: "Mom! Mom! There it is! It's the bird I was telling you about! Mom!"
Aria, screaming: "Aaaahhhhh! Mom! Mom! EeeeAaaaahhhh!"
M: "Oh my gosh, buddy! You weren't kidding!"
S: "I told you, Mom!"
M: "I know you did, bud, I just...Oh my gosh!"
The bird flew again, this time to the living room window. It was trying to get out. I was trying to get a good look at it to see if it was healthy in case one of the kids touched it, or it died from hitting the window over and over.
A: "Mom! No! Don't kill it! Nooooo!"
M: "Honey, I'm not going to kill it."
A: "Mom! Please don't kill it! Aaaahhhh!!!"
M: "Honey! I'm not going to kill it! I'm just trying to let it outside. Shhh, don't scream honey, Daddy's sleeping!"
A: "Mommy! That bird is totally freaking me out!
M: "I know, honey. Just please try not to freak. Daddy's sleeping."
A: "But it's soooooo freaky!!!"
M: "I know, darling."
It's at this point that I tiptoed into our bedroom to make sure he was still asleep. Shelby was waking up.
"Sweetheart, (using a calm, soothing voice) everything is okay, but I thought you should know that there's a bird in the house. I'm trying to get it out. It's okay, wake up slowly."
Well, Shelby kindly got out of bed and saved the day by opening the window it was helplessly bouncing against (why didn't I notice there was no screen up?), and our day strangely went very quickly back to "normal". Aria found a feather to keep for a souvenir, Skyler felt very satisfied about having been right all along, Shelby (having had experience with bats previously) felt assured he's still got it, and I vowed to not dismiss too quickly the absurd things my children say about wild animals in the house. [The bird is the dark blob on the floor next to the tree, resting from flapping against the window too many times].

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


M: "Why are you falling in love with the girl in your class? Is she beautiful?
S: "Well, kind of."
M: "Well, is she really nice?"
S: "I guess. Well, I think she has a nice voice, but some people think she has a weird voice because she talks like my other friend. He talks kind of weird, like it's kind of funny 'cuz he says 'whehw' instead of 'where' and stuff like that. Like he can't really say his words really the right way. I think maybe he's from Vermont."

Little known fact

Xander hums along with the microwave. "HumMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Eh, eh, ehhhhhhhh."

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Aria told me about a girl in her dance class.

A: "You, know, Mama. The one with the really curly curly hair and it's sooo curly? She's famous and she's in my dance class!"
M: "Really? Why is she famous?"
A: "Umm, I don't know, but she's the one with the really curly hair."
M: "And she's famous?"
A: "Yes! She's SO famous, she has curly curly hair.
M: "Huh. Do you know what famous means?"
A: "Umm, what does famous mean?"
M: "It means that everyone knows who you are and usually you're on TV or in magazines."

Aria looks thoughtful.

M: "You know, I could curl your hair everyday if you wanted."
A: "Really?! But what if I wanted to wear a headband?"
M: "You still can with curly hair."
A: "Yeah, but sometimes I want a ponytail."
M: "I can curl your ponytail."
Aria's getting really excited now.
A: "What about pigtails?"
M: "Curly pigtails!"

She looked like she'd died and gone to Heaven! Now Aria asks to curl her hair almost everyday, and by the look on her face and the strut in her step, you'd think she really was famous.

Omentum Momentum

I have omentum momentum. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. My omentum is growing ever so slightly, but steadily. Did you know that if your omentum gets big, it is the most dangerous fat in your body? Mine doesn't seem to care. Stupid omentum. I tell it not too, but it's like, "NOoooooooOO! YOU had to go and eat a fifth bowl of icecream." Like it's my fault. I believe my omentum is telling me to do these ridiculous things against my will. Like I wanted to eat the icecream. Like I thought mint chocolate chip with extra chocolate syrup for the fifth night in a row tasted good or something. Stupid omentum. My omentum hates me. The feeling is mutual....


We were at the Antelope Island Balloon Stampede yesterday. Among the attractions were horse rides for the kiddos. Grandma Blais took Xander to see them. Xander was petting the horse. Grandma: "Xander, what does the horsey say?"
X: "Meeeeow."
Turns out, not all horseys neigh.

My turn at the library

It was my turn this week to do storytime at the library. I decided to read books about imagination. Have any of you read the picture book SkippyJon Jones? It is hilarious. He's a cat who imagines he's a Chihuahua. Loved it!!! Anyway, I brought Aria's box of dress-up hats for the kids to wear while I read the books. Aren't they cute...and also kind of weird? You can't see Xander in the group shot because I am taking the picture and he is clinging to my leg, repeating, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!" Just pretend he's in the picture. Use your imagination.

Little known fact

According to Xander, trains are "coo coos".

Friday, September 19, 2008

What's really important

Yesterday before nap time, Aria and I were discussing what kind of a girl she wants to be and what kind of boy she'd like marry.
M:"What kind of boy do you want to marry, honey?"
A: "A handsome boy!"
M: "That's nice, but what if he's handsome, but he's mean or not very smart?"
A: "No! He has to be nice. And smart. And gooooooooood lookin'!"


Singing and dancing around the kitchen, holding a hot dog: "I love my hot dog! I love my hot dog! I love my hot dog! I love my hot dog!" Stops suddenly.
"Wait. I don't like hot dogs."

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little known fact

Xander sleeps with at least three binkies; one for his mouth and one for each hand. While he's falling asleep, he likes to swap them around. For some reason, he finds this very soothing. We try to keep five or six handy because over the course of the day some are inevitably relocated to the playroom, bathroom, car, library, etc. On days when binkies are scarce, he'll settle for two, but is NOT happy about it. I've thought several times of purchasing stock.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Classic Lessons learned the hard way

When dressing any individual shorter than yourself, especially a jumping/bouncing one, keep tongue locked safely behind teeth. Make habit.

Classic Ariaism

(3 yrs) Crying...actual crying. Aria:"I want the BIG jelly!"
Me: "This much?"
M: "The whole jar?!"
A: "YES!" Falls to floor.
I can't believe stuff like this seriously happens.

Classic Skylerism

(4 yrs) Snuggling up. "Mama, it's so nice to be together sitting down."

Classic Ariaism

(3 yrs) With her hand in a "hang loose" position.
"Muncle Steve says if I move it real slow it means 'Gravy'."

Classic Skylerism

Skyler(4 yrs):"Mama, you're grand!"
Me: "Skyler you're grand too!"
Skyler: "Do you mean 'great' or 'big'?"

My favorite thing I heard today

I was hanging out with one of my favorite friends today. Hi Joanne!! Anyway, she was telling me about how she had a prayer answered in a very personal and meaningful way. As she explained what happened, she said, "And I was like, 'Heavenly Father, how COOL are YOU?!'"

Where have all the blog posts gone? Long time passing.

Okay, so I've just been thinking about how many years I haven't been blogging and all the funny things that happened during those years, so I've decided to introduce a new feature to my blog: the "Classic". In my family, things that are "Classic" are not the typical classic things (red Schwinn bikes, Model T cars, Coca-cola). "Classics" in my family are anything awesome that happened a while ago...or even right now, that will be a while ago, and will still be awesome later on. Get it? Anything that has awesomeness lasting power and may or may not be classic to anyone else. So, I will be adding "Classic" _______(insert name of child)isms and "Classic"__________lessons learned the hard way(s); things that happened a while ago, but are still awesome and are worth remembering (at least for me). I just thought you should know that.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If the shoe fits....

My family is weird about shoes. Every one of us has a certain "shoe thing". I think it's like a requirement for being in our immediate family. Are other families like this? Maybe some, but I think most are not. Let's delve.
Shelby wears two pairs of shoes: one pair for church and one pair for everything else. He gets very attached to the pair for everything else. It becomes like an extension of his body, or at least a reliable friend. He will wear this pair for everything else for at least 5 years, even if they get worn out or holey(unless his wife intervenes...which she does at her own risk, or his mother intervenes-though there's no assurance he'll wear the pair she purchases for him). When he is eventually forced one way or the other to obtain a new pair, he is extremely picky about the kind of shoe he chooses. It has to be brown, a rounded-ish toe, and not too thick-soled. It has to be the kind of shoe that no Italian man would ever purchase. If the new shoe has laces, he will tie them...ONCE. That is all. He will slip that un-slip-on-able shoe on for the rest of it's little shoe life, whether it likes it or not. What happens to the old shoe? Don't worry, it's not forgotten. It is given a place of honor in our closet, where it will remain indefinitely. After all, they've been through so much together. You could say they're Sole-Mates. *Ba-dum ching!*
I love shoes. I love the way they look and I love the way great shoes make me look. Even when you are overweight, your feet can still look fabulous. I love heels, sneakers(yes, sneakers), clogs, mules, boots, crocks, flip-flops-everything! I love all the colors and styles. I ALWAYS want more shoes. Shelby has given me a 30 pair limit. If I get a new pair, I must get rid of an "old" pair. I respect this limit because I respect my husband and our closet space. Do I like the rule? No. But I respect it. I love you, sweetie!
Aria loves shoes the way I love shoes. She ALWAYS wants more. Before she leaves the house she picks a pair and has done it for a reason. If you want to try to talk her into another pair, be prepared for a death match. She might win, so best to plan for your funeral now. She also has no idea which shoe goes on which foot, so when you point out to her that they're on the wrong feet, she replies, with sassy hand-on-hip action, "I like it that way." Don't try to convince her otherwise. It's a losing battle. She also happens to be an ace at convincing people to buy her shoes...the more expensive the better. "But I don't HAVE that pair yet. All I have are my OLD sneakers and I think they don't fit anymore." (The old sneakers are the ones you bought her last week). "And I don't have ANY shoes with such pretty sparkles, Grandma!" Try to point out another pair that doesn't cost $35? "Mmmm...no I just LOVE these ones, Grandma!"--cue coy smile and fluttery lashes. Cha-ching. I think she needs a 30-pair limit too.
Skyler is much like his father, except he doesn't care what he wears as long as they have plenty of toe room and go on quickly. He also does the "slip-on" method with his lace-ups, only he's devised a new fashion which I'm sure will catch on with first-graders nationwide. He has perfected the granny knot trail. He tied the granny knot repeatedly until he ran out of laces with which to tie more knots, resulting in one long granny knot trail on each shoe. I tried to undo them, but he fought me on it. I think he's taking lessons from someone local.
Xander loves shoes. He's not even partial to his own shoes, he just loves the whole idea of shoes. He will wear his shoes-or yours- wherever and whenever he can; and does it with flair. He's got a shoe walk. When he wears shoes, he walks the way a bow-legged clown with big red shoes would walk, but faster and with more bounce. He runs the same way. "Shoe" is one of his words, and he says it proudly when he presents you with one of your shoes he's found. Even if you are wearing a pair already, he expects you to be thrilled with his gift. Ideally, you should put the new shoe on. This gets the biggest grin and that cute "hug my own tummy" thing he does. Let's face it-we want him to do this as often as possible.
I'm not saying the "shoe things" are the weirdest things about us (I know, I know). I'm just saying it's weird and I've noticed it. And at this point, I'm a little "tongue"-tied. *Ba-dum ching!*

Little known fact

Aria eats butter, by itself, whenever she gets the chance. If there is a finger hole in your butter, I'd bet money that the prints match.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't worry darling!

Aria has been talking lately about getting the new Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie. She had the thrilling experience of watching it 3 times this last weekend with her friend, Maura. Today during quiet time, she wanted to watch Barbie Mermaidia and told me that she wants The Diamond Castle movie for her birthday. I reminded her that Christmas is closer than her birthday. "You mean I could get it from Santa?"
"Maybe, if you're a good girl!"
"I'm ALWAYS a good girl on Christmas!"
"I know, sweetheart. You really are. But you have to be a good girl and make good choices for the whole year. Santa watches you the whole year."
"A whole year of Christmases?"
"No, a whole regular year."
Aria's countenance dropped. She looked like she was going to cry. "But I will never be able to do that and make no naughty choices for that long." She was crestfallen.
"Oh! Honey, don't worry. If you are trying to make good choices all the time, say you're sorry for the naughty choices you make, and try harder next time, you'll be okay."
She looked relieved, though thoughtful, and settled in for her movie.
This may improve her behavior, maybe not. But it made me grateful for repentance...and not because of the Barbie movie. A lifetime is a long time to make no naughty choices.


Nonchalantly, to Ruby (one of her best friends): "I just obey my Mom and Dad all the time."


"BOMBS AHOY!!!" (dumping buckets of water into the sand box at Shipely's cabin).


"I think next they'll have a World Idol. Now THAT will be really hard to win. And then, maybe they'll have a Universe Idol...but that will be the same thing because there aren't any people on the other planets. Like nobody will EVER win from Mars."

Friday, September 12, 2008

Nothin' to see here, folks!

Yesterday, I did not kill my daughter. Neither did anyone else. Both are no small miracles. I dare say it was my biggest accomplishment yesterday(which is saying something because I'm kind of amazing-generally speaking). Why is she lucky to be alive? What could possibly drive a nice mom like me to have such feelings against an innocent 4 yr old girl? The answer is simple: she screams. All you moms and dads out there know exactly what I'm talking about(whispering about -I have a migraine).
Yesterday it seemed we argued about everything-I DON'T WANT TO EAT THAT!, NO I DON'T WANT TO GO TO WAL-MART!, BUY ME HANNAH MONTANA BAND-AIDS, LET ME TAKE OFF MY SHOES! DON'T PUT LOTION ON ME! I DON'T WANT THAT SONG! BUY ME BARBIE DIAMOND CASTLE- I'M BEING GOOD! AaaaaaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! The neighborhood dogs all come running.
Yesterday, after I wouldn't let her have another treat, she sweetened the scream deal by throwing a magazine at my head. Which earned her a time-out. Which produced more screaming. Which earned her an extra minute. Which gave birth to more screaming. Which earned her an extra minute. Which led to more screaming and her banging her head against the time-out wall. Which earned her an extra minute and a spank threat....which finally(thank heavens)ended the screaming.
When I went to rehearsal, I thought I'd be done for the day. Not so. At 4 in the morning Aria comes into our bedroom announcing loudly that she can't find her blankie. I get up with her to find it (she's been sleeping in the boy's room-I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP LONELY!). Aria continues her search by using her outside voice. I JUST CAN'T FIND MY BLANKIE. DO YOU KNOW WHERE IT IS? And turning on the light...which produces more screaming, from Xander(why not delegate?). I quickly turn off the light and search for blankie in the dark. I find her(blankie's status has been upped-she is a person) on the floor next to the bed-she probably stepped on her on the way to my room. I finally get Xander and Aria back to sleep-which is good, because I am about to scream.
So she lives-for now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

City libraries make me cry

City libraries make me cry. Not in the "you've hurt me" kind of way. It's more like the "Wedding Cry" or the "I'm Moved by the Members of the Armed Forces Marching in this Patriotic Parade Cry". I know I'm not alone. You all are just very silent about it...as you should be in a library. I appreciate your hushed tones.
Today I took Aria and Xander to storytime there, as I try to do weekly, and found my eyes tearing up as I listened to a young mother read a funny story to the gathered crowd of toddlers and preschoolers. It was not a laugh-til-you-cry book and I'm pretty sure it's not hormones(that may be debatable). I was just touched by the feeling of community and spirit of education which existed there. I admit this was not the first time.
I am so moved by city libraries that last year I signed up to be a volunteer storyteller there about once every month or two. I have enjoyed feeling like a small contributor to this great establishment. I am sure I'm not the best volunteer they have or the most emotionally invested, but I'm certainly the most emotional.

Lessons learned the hard way

If you must remove a binky to wipe your child's runny nose, do not hold binky in your mouth.


Me: "So, Skyler, what were you saying about Emmett?"
Skyler (6 yrs): "Oh, yes, well, Emmett sits at a different group of desks than mine."
Me: "Oh?"
Skyler: "Yes, he's one of my unusual friends."


In July, the kids and I saw snail outside the library on the walkway. It was a scorcher, so we saved the snail by putting it under a nearby bush.
Today, in September, Aria (4 yrs) decided to look under the bush for our little snail friend. Surprised and disappointed to discover that the snail was no longer there, she pouted, "Oh, our snail's not there! It must have snailed away."

Xander is super snugly

My little Xander (20 months) has been super snugly for the last few weeks. I use the word "super" for two reasons. One, to irritate my sister Janna, who says, "Come on. Nothing is 'super' anything except Super Man. Use 'very' or 'really really'." Two, because he has been very, really really snugly. Like don't-think-about-putting-me-down-because-I've-got-you-in-a-headlock snugly. For the most part it's been very really really enjoyable. It's only slightly less enjoyable when I have to accomplish anything at all. It's hard to do dishes in a headlock. But irritated as I may become, it doesn't really matter that much because it turns out Xander's super snuggles have super healing powers which I think are, well...super.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Annie went a-canning

My library friends invited me to can with them today. I really wanted to learn, so I packed up thing 2 and thing 3 and we went to Charity's house. We made applesauce and apple pie filling. We actually put them in jars, which sealed. We did all the boil-y things you do when you can, or jar, or whatever. I am still not confident that if I tried to do it all by myself like a big canning-girl should that it would come out the way it ought to, but I was glad I went anyway.

I really would love to fancy myself an ace-of-a-canner someday. I used to be unable to make my own bread, but now I can do that. I can even make homemade cinnamon rolls and am proud to say that I've completely overcome my fear of yeast(who knows what could have happened? It was risky). I can do laundry and even keep my sink clean on a good day. I feel somehow that if I master canning, I will become unstoppable as a homemaker. Forces may combine, but try as they may, they will never overtake me because I can make hot pickled beets.

I am a celebrity!

I am a celebrity. I'm an honest-to-goodness celebrity. I am on the INTERNET!!! I have a BLOG!!! Check out next week's people magazine and you will see ME on the cover. This should not surprise you though; you should all already know this because I am famous. Perez Hilton is doing a spot on me as I speak, er, blog. At least, this is how my mom makes me feel.
She is so excited about my blog that it has become the subject of HER status update on Facebook. She actually thanked me for setting up a blog, and did it in that "I'm SO excited" voice that only a proud mother can muster. You know the voice- the one that gets kind of squeaky and breathless towards the end? She called me twice to make sure that she was advertising the correct address to all of her friends. "Okay, okay. It's Anniemightblog...what? Dot what? Dot blogspot dot com? Okay. Anniemightblogdotblogspotdotcom. Oh! This is SO exciting!" She made me stay on the phone while I "listened" to her read my blog to herself in her head. Sometimes she would up it to a whisper when she got really into it, then laugh heartily at moderately funny parts.
Mom, I know you're reading this!! Thank you for being so supportive. I tease you a lot, but you are seriously the best. And guess what? YOU'RE famous too! You're on my blog!
Love, Annie the ROCKSTAR

My little chess guy

We just found out that Skyler earned a chess rating of 222 based on the Utah State Elementary Chess Tournament held last spring. Way to go, buddy!

Not for the weak-stomached

Last night Aria earned coming to Aida rehearsal with me by napping during the day. While we were there, I took her for a potty break. She was in her stall and I was waiting by the sink when she said, "Mama, I found a hair that wraps around my finger!" Me, cautious..."Is it...yours?"
"No, it's brown!"
"Aria, open the door."
The curly hair was a questionable length.
It goes without saying that we scrubbed...lots.
What a strange existence I lead.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pool party

We went to a pool party at our friends' house last night for family night. There were a lot of our Layton High Theater family members there and it was lots of fun. My favorite moments:
Xander does the Downward-Facing Dog Yoga position ceremoniously before he enters the water...every time, all the time (Many thanks to Emily, who ensured that nothing Greg Louganis-y happened).
Skyler's cousin Hayden decides to take off his life vest and enter the deep end, despite the fact that he can't swim. Skyler, who is floating there with, well, arm floaties, quickly becomes Hayden's only hope. Hayden climbs on Skyler, and they both go under. Both are rescued. When I check on Skyler, he says, "Hayden was trying to save his own life, but he almost ruined mine!"
Aria sports a new BodyGlove Swimming suit. You know the ones with the rectangular foam-y things in them for bouancy? Wearing this and paddling across the pool on a noodle, she proudly proclaims, "I guess I don't have to take swimming lessons after all!"

I might blog

Okay, I've never done this before and I don't know if I'll do it again, but I'd like to. That's got to count for something, right? Who knows how often I'll post or not post?! Blogging already feels weird, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.
Maybe I'll post about a topic. Then, while I'm writing, I'll figure out what I think about it and spare Shelby the hours of listening to me trying to figure out what I think. Who knew that by blogging, I'd be doing something for someone else!
Maybe I'll just write about stuff that happens in my day. That's what people do on blogs, right? They write about random things that happen in their lives. That could be interesting...or not. I' guess we'll have to see. Blogging can be so unpredictable!