Monday, February 23, 2009

What's so great about Annie anyway?

This is Shelby again. I should just get my own blog...

The reason I'm here today is to pay tribute to my favorite person. Annie and I will have been married for 8 years by this time next week. She is extraordinary and wonderful in every way. I could go on and on, but you'd get sick of reading it and ditch her blog. I don't want that.

So instead I will say one thing I just love, love, love about her and invite each of you to do the same. Consider it your anniversary gift to us.

Right from the beginning I could tell that Annie was a girl who was going to keep me guessing. Just when I thought I "got" her, she'd astound me. Some new talent would emerge, some new aspect of her personality, some new piece of knowledge or perspective I had never considered before. She was like a rainbow, an illusion close enough to touch that always kept you looking for its end. She still is. Everyday a new and better woman wakes up and greets me. Amazing!

Now it's your turn. You took the time to check her blog today, so you must care. Why? What's so great about Annie anyway?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Stuff I've said "Yes" to

Almost an entire half-gallon of Bryers' black raspberry chocolate chip ice cream. What?! I'm sick!! Gimme a break.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stuff I've said "No" to

Peanut Butter cup ice cream
Impromptu trip to the store for Hostess cupcakes

My favorite deal this week

Ok, my favorite deal this week is at Smith's. They have Kroger cottage cheese on sale for $1.oo. We love cottage cheese in our family so you'd better believe we'll be stocking up :0) They also incidentally have Dole Garden Salads for $1.00 each as well.
Harmons has grapefruits for .33. I LOVE grapefruits!!

Here's how I worked the Winegar's Gator Deal this week: Smith's has Tide 2x Laundry Detergent on sale for $6.49, a dollar cheaper than Winegar's price at $7.49. So, I brought in the Smith's ad along with the detergent from the shelf up to the register and got it for FREE!! I also received many admiring looks from the manager and other store employees who had to give props to my shopping saavy moves ;)

Warning and reminder: Getting this deal requires a bit of guts, as checkers are still somewhat unsure of what to do in this situation and must ask assistance of the manager. The managers get it though, so no worries. It's a fair and square deal. I even measured the trip distance between the Smith's in Clinton and the Winegars here in Clearfield and it's exactly 3 miles. For the record, there is a Macey's only 2 miles from the store, so if you can find the same item for cheaper there, you can also get it for free at Winegars. One deal per customer. You can do it! I have faith in you!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cleanliness is next to...impossible

Shelby again. Sorry to disappoint you Anniephiles out there.

My children are big fans of the second law of thermodynamics, which says that the natural state of the universe is increasing entropy toward equilibrium. In other words, the universe doesn't like things out of balance. Neither do I, but the universe and I differ greatly in our definitions of balance. The universe's version of balance is that the toys that belong in the playroom should be equally distributed over the physical space of the entire house. That's equilibrium. And I HATE it.

Some of you already know that I gave Annie a Valentine's Day gift of inestimable value: I stayed up all night cleaning the house. Man oh man, did I clean. And clean. And then I slept through bishopric meeting the next morning. You can see where my priorities lie.

Skyler and Aria slept at grandma's house that night, but when they went downstairs the next afternoon, the transformation from slovenly to spotless was nearly impossible for their little minds to fathom.

S:"Holy cow! What did you do to the playroom!?"

(As if I had somehow ruined it forever.)

A:"I've never seen it so clean, Daddy. It's feels weird. It's kinda freakin' me out."

It's not their fault. The irrefutable laws of the universe called, and they answered.

I've fought a lot of uphill battles in my life, but defying the laws of physics is a bit much, even for me. Someday the universe and I will have it out over this entropy issue once and for all, and should I win, I know right where I'm putting the trophy. I cleared a spot on the shelf, but now I think it's housing one of Xander's toys.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Skylerism: Trek form

Shelby here.

Annie has decided to join the youth of our ward on the Pioneer Trek this summer. She'll be dressing up like Ma Ingalls and hiking 34 miles across the prairies of Wyoming. First, though, she has to pass a physical. While she was on the phone arranging it, Skyler took the form and started asking questions. I explained to him what some of the acronyms meant, but he soon lost interest.

A few minutes later Annie followed up with him:

A: "Skyler, did Daddy tell you what ADHD means?"
S: "Yeah, but I already forgot."

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My favorite deal this week

My favorite deal this week is at Smith's. Friday from 3-11pm, you can get fresh blueberries for $1.00 along with many other special deals only available during those hours. The best I've seen them for in a while is 3/$5.

Also, I discovered that at Winegars in Clearfield, they have a Gator Deal which states that if any store within a 3-mile radius has any item marked lower than the same item at Winegars, they will give you that item for FREE!! I got free cheese last week. The checkers are a tad oblivious to the rule, but it is stated very clearly all over the store and has been up for months, so compare, and shop away!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Over dinner this evening:

S: "Mom, do you think two heads are better than one?"

M:"Well, I suppose that what they say is true. I do think two heads are better than one. Except, not on my body. I'd prefer to have only one."

S:"But Mom, if you had two heads and one got chopped off, then you would still live."

M:"Huh. I'd never thought of it that way."

Stuff I've said "no" to

So, my mom and dad have been eating healthier and exercising too. I was talking with my mom the other day and she said that she wished she got credit for all the sweets and junk food that she said "no" to, not just docked mentally, emotionally, and physically for the ones she said "yes" to. I'd had similar feelings, so I decided to tell the world about the stuff I've said "no" to because, dang it, I deserve some credit. Never mind what I've said "yes" to!!!! I invite all of you out there to feel free to add comments about stuff you've said "no" to as well because, dang it, you all deserve some credit too!!

Here's my list since I started my new eating habits. Stuff I've said "no" to:

ice cream sundaes
Oreo cookies
chocolate chip cookies
peach pie
cake shaped like slippers
brownies with fudge frosting

That's all I can remember for now, but I'm sure I'll add a post here and there about some new stuff I've said "no" to. Comment away, my friends, and be heard!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


After school Friday, Skyler walked in the door, came right towards me, and slid onto my lap for snuggles. The first thing he said?

S:"Mom, I love you SO much that even if we were playing football, I wouldn't tackle you."

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mom tip

I promise you all, the very best way to get your children's undivided and rapt attention is by taking a moment to use the bathroom. Simply close and lock the door and I guarantee they won't leave you alone.

Friday, February 6, 2009


For all you Will Rogers' Follies enthusiasts:

Over breakfast this morning.

A:"Mom, are you 'Kiwanis Hall-time?"

Monday, February 2, 2009


I made salmon for the first time ever tonight, and I thought though a tad lemon-y, it was delicious. Not everyone agreed.

S:"Mom, this fish is sooooo resistable."

Sunday, February 1, 2009


We have a rule in our family that no one gets snacks on Sunday until after all of the priesthood holders sit down after passing the sacrament. This rule has been in place since the dawn of Ferrin family time.

During the sacrament today:

S:"Mom, can I have my snacks?"


S:(whispering)"Can I have my snacks?"


S:"Mom, may I please have my snacks?"

M:"Skyler, what do you think?"

S:"I don't know. Can I have my snacks while I think about it?"