Monday, September 27, 2010

Skylerism : Social Saavy

So last night after dinner we had a mini social skills lesson. We taught the kids about how we can show our friends that we care and are listening to them by using our body language and by asking questions about things their friends are talking about. We role-played different scenarios and then involved them in our role-playing so they could practice.
This morning, the cute third grade girl we carpool with was telling Skyler about the movie she went to see with her family.

"We went to see this really dumb movie called Twilight. We wanted to see Toy Story, but it had already started. I mean it was already like twenty minutes into it, so we had to see something else, so we saw Twilight. There was this ugly guy named Edward and he had weird hairs on his chest and it was just disgusting. And Bella was totally in love with him, which was gross, especially because there was this other guy who was really cute and his name was Jacob. He was seriously like way cuter and Edward was like, "Oh, I love you, Bella!" Anyway, it was just a really dumb movie."

M, "Skyler, are there any questions you might like to ask about her trip to the movie?"

S,"....Nope. I think I have all the information I need."


Kira: said...

LOL, Skyler. I agree with the girl. Although I wonder if the Twilight movies are really appropriate for 8 yr olds? Toy Story to Twilight is a bit of a leap....

mills5 said...

The girl didn't leave very much room for questions. By the time she was finished, the subject was sort of killed. This makes me laugh though, Emily and Skyler aren't too far apart in age, if I remember right. I can see her giving the same type of description of Twilight (I can't say I don't disagree). Funny story, thanks for sharing.