Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Who are YOU?!

Hello, Folks! I'm baaaaaack! After taking quite a long break, I have returned (hopefully) to my blog! It's been a difficult year and my family (and my head) needed every bit of space and energy I had. Things are definitely returning to our new normal and I'm happy to return to playful writing, which I love...and I know you love it too.
"What have you been up to for a full year, Annie?" I know you must be wondering.
"A bunch of stuff, which I will leak out to you slowly and in good time,"I would reply.

Kid update:

Skyler is doing great in fourth grade. He's very smart and has also turned into quite the social kid. He has friends calling him all the time to play Minecraft (his latest obsession) or to hang out. He's taken almost complete control of his academics, which was hard for me to let go of, but has been wonderful for his growth. He's grown up a lot this year. It makes me happy and sad and proud. He's taken to wiping my kisses off his cheek, but he tries not to when I'm around. It's like torture, as I stick around watching him as long as possible. He just laughs and says, "Gaaaarrrhhh! Mom!!" His dimples showing as he can't help but smile. I adore him. (I'm also not allowed to kiss him on the head or anywhere else when his friends are around, but sometimes he'll come up to me when I'm volunteering in his classroom because he "just needs a hug").

Aria is now taller than Skyler and is doing great in second grade. Her teacher just raves about what a great student she is (100s on nearly every paper and test) and how she's every teacher's dream! I laugh because, though mostly wonderful at home, she has an angry streak!! I'm sure glad she lets it out at home and not in the classroom ;) She has lots of friends and has a real flare for the dramatic. She was asked to be in the advanced dance class at D for Danze and does a great job. She also loves doing musicals and is very serious about her acting. The girl is invested and it shows on stage! Also, once a week, she mentions how desperately she wants brown hair and once a week, I rave about how gorgeous her almost white-blonde hair is! We dance in the kitchen and are fantastic shopping buddies :)

Xander has lost his baby fat and is now a big boy! He reads like it's his job. He is currently on book 29 of The Magic Treehouse chapter book series. He's read every one except 12, because he claims that polar bears "bore" him. He loves to take his latest book to show and tell on Thursdays at preschool, where his teachers watch in awe as he reads to his classmates. He is interested in whatever Skyler is interested in: most recently BeyBlades, which are like Battle Tops. Xander is VERY particular about his foods. It's no small miracle that his body still functions properly. We do everything we can to introduce new foods, but he literally gags at the thought, and frankly, it's not worth the results (which we know from experience). So bring on the apples, red grapes, cereal, cheese, milk, pretzles, and any kind of cheddar-flavored carbohydrate. Mmmmm-mmmm! He is one minute the cutest, most cuddly guy you've ever seen, and the next, crazy cranky angry guy. We LOVE when cute, cuddly guy is around. He's just SO dang cute...and cuddly :)

Updates on Shelby and me later, but we're doing really great. He takes good care of all of us :)


Heather said...

I LOVE hearing about you guys!

Hey, Bryant is graduating in May!!! woot woot! As a gift I'm putting a picture book together of friends and family holding signs of congratulations. Could ya help me out, take a quick picture, and send it to me? You could do it on your fancy phone if ya need. It would be a great surprise!

You guys are so rad!

Smithdog said...

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