Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skylerism:Mom, did you know?

The other day I was putting a screw into the wall. Skyler, passing through, stopped, looked, then commented.

S: "Mom, did you know that a screw is a series of spiraling inclined planes that can hold materials together more securely than nails?"

M: "Well--------ummm, no. Not in those terms, no."

S: "Well, it's true."

Then off he went.


Shelby said...

Wow! Two days of blogging in a row!

Annie said...

I know! Shocking, no?

Myndi said...

hahahaha Your 2nd grader is smarter than I am. not fair. can he come tutor me with my college accounting?

Ashlee said...

I think you might have a Guiness on your hands! (Is that how you spell that word?)

April Jo said...

dang! all of your kids just blow me away! :)