Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Xanderism: step aside, Jane Fonda

Driving home from making a D.I. donation:

X: "Mommy, do you want to see my new exercise?! It's really great! Do you want to see it?"

M: "Sure, babe."

X: "Are you looking?! Watch!"

M: "Ok, I'm watching!"

X: (curling his two pointer fingers up in front of his face) "Here it is! Watch!...."(SHOVES his fingers into his nostrils).

M: (dumbfounded) "THAT's your exercise?"

X: "Yeah!"

M: "Are you getting a good work-out?"

X: "Oh yeah, Momma!"


Karyn said...

I just LOVE your stories. They are so funny! I am glad that you are getting them written down so that you can tell your kids later when they are older. Maybe you can use them for blackmail....:)

April Jo said...

*SNORT* Definite blackmail material here!