Thursday, July 8, 2010

Skylerism: Tornado

I'm making lunch and Skyler comes into the kitchen from doing his outside chores.

S: "Mom, do you think it's possible that there's ever been a tornado in the history of America?"

M: "Yes, Skyler, there have been tornadoes in America. I'm sure of it."

S: "Oh. Well, I know that you can't go around looking for your favorite things to save and take with you, you have to just go down under."

M: "True. Very true. I'm glad you know that."

S: "But if you have your favorite things already in your hands, then it's okay to just take them with you. You don't have to put them back first."

M: "Yes. You're right. You can take them with you."

S: "But be careful, because you'll be running so fast that you might drop them, and if you drop them, you can't stop to pick them up. You have to just keep going down under."

M: "Right. That's very smart."

S: "K. Thanks, Mom. I love you."

M: "Love you too, Bud."


Janna said...

just wanted to verify some thoughts with you. :) LOVE him!