Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Xanderism: What?

Outside working in the garden. Xander by the tree swing. Just got back from seeing Megamind at the theater.

X: "Mom! Mom! I found Jesus' weakness!!"

M: "WHAT?!"

X: "I did it! I found Jesus' weakness!!"

M: "Oh, dear. What is it?"

Xander runs over and shows me a small, orange, pie-shaped piece of broken plastic in the palm of his hand.

M: "Wow, buddy. That's really cool, but I'm pretty sure Jesus doesn't have a weakness."

X: "Mom, EVERYONE has a weakness."

M: "Yes. Everyone, except Jesus."

Xander walks off, confused. I'm thinking we need to be more careful about our superhero movies :)


Kelland and Ashley said...

Wahoo! You're back :)

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