Monday, December 1, 2008

A college Thanksgiving

A little shout out to Jaymie, who reminded me of one of the strangest holidays I've ever had.

One fall at BYU a bunch of us who were not going home for the holiday decided to host our own Thanksgiving dinner in our condo. We decorated the table and even donned pilgrim and Native American garb cut from paper grocery sacs.

While many of the guests were quite experienced cooks, some of us were most definitely not, as was evidenced by my sealing the pie securely to the pie plate by wrapping the crust up and under the tin. It was fine craftsmanship.

I still can't remember who broke the thermometer in half. I only remember the declaration that whoever found the other half of the thermometer in their piece of turkey was prophesied to have good luck for the following year.

I remember that Janna and I tried to make the gravy, that the fat was poured down the drain and that there was a lot of flour involved. The "gravy" somehow turned green, and though no one ate it (as per a warning from the chefs) the guests had seen how hard we worked on whatever it was and insisted that it at least be placed on the table.

I know this isn't the kind of post I usually make, but is there anyone out there who remembers more details? My memory is less than reliable.

Also, I have still never made my own gravy (except from the packet). I choose to fight my demons one at a time. Oh, and I think Thanksgiving should be at MY house next year. Muu ha ha ha!


Janna said...

Oh my gosh. I laughed out loud for this whole thing. That was such a fun year. The "gravy" was actually a light green, floury paste, and it was disgusting! Annie, you and I had never cooked a turkey or a chicken before, and I remember being grossed out by the giblets and not knowing what to do with them, and trying to figure out which was the neck and which was the butt. I have pictures of that Thanksgiving in my collection here in Maryland.

Annie said...

Ha! You're right. That year was awesome! I forgot about the giblets. We should have cooked them and served them with the "gravy".

Jaymie and Paxton said...

I think that Annie's name was Squatahantus. Or maybe it was mine. I can't remember. It was also wierd because some guy named Ryan was there that we had both kissed but neither of us liked. Ha, ha, college memories (Hey Jana!)

Annie said...

YOU kissed Ryan?? Oh my gosh!! I totally forgot that. Ok, this whole thing is WAY too weird.