Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ward Christmas Party

Tonight for our ward Christmas party, the primary children participated in a nativity scene. Skyler was a shepherd and Aria was an angel. I know, I know.
Skyler, looking thrilled, with his fellow shepherds. Apparently he had to take down a desert leopard to clothe himself. The exertion was overwhelming for him:
Aria and Ruby:The whole shabang:
Aria secretly wanted to be a lamb (and practiced baa-ing all afternoon), but she went on as an angel and was very proud of herself. Afterward, she asked her daddy, "How long do we play?"

D: "Play what?"

A: "That little show we just did."

D: "Oh. That's it, honey. Just that one time."

A: "Hm, that's not a very long run."


Tammy said...

Oh my. This is a keeper.

Myndi said...

ways to know your children will grow up to be thespians..
1-they know what a run is and that one show is not a normal amount of time for a run ;) that's cute

Tara said...

I've got to agree with Aria...that is not a very long run!