Monday, December 22, 2008

Pajama bottoms

I've been thinking a lot about pajama bottoms. They most recently head-lined in my brain when Shelby and I attended Light in the Piazza at the Pioneer Theater in Salt Lake a couple of weeks ago. A minute or two after we'd taken our seats, a young woman walked up the aisle next to us wearing pajama bottoms...well, she had more than JUST pajama bottoms on. I'm pretty sure there was a pajama top as well, hidden not-so-cleverly under a hooded sweatshirt.

Now, I consider myself a fairly non-judgmental person, but I couldn't help but think to myself...and out loud to Shelby, "What on earth is she doing coming to a professional theatrical production wearing pajama bottoms?!" I then, in the privacy of my head, ranted about people wearing them out in pubic. Later, I felt a little guilty because I have, on two different occasions, gone out in public wearing pajama bottoms. So, after much thought and consideration, I've decided that there are just a few, rare exceptions, when I think it is perfectly socially acceptable to wear pajama bottoms out in public. Feel free to disagree with me, but this is my list:

1. It is anytime after 11:00pm and your children are sick. Trips to the store for medicine, or to the hospital may be made in PJ B's.

2. It is anytime after 8:00pm and it is "that time of the month." Trips to the store for medicine, sanitary supplies, or chocolate may be made in PJ B's.

3. You are asked to paint a set on a Saturday morning. You may wear your PJ B's.

4. You are in a show and are traveling straight to the theater, on a night when you have no one you know coming, where you will change directly into your costume. After the show, you will not go anywhere with friends, but will go directly home. You may wear PJ B's.

5. You are actually clinically depressed. You may wear PJ B's.

6. You have just had a baby (no more than 6 weeks ago) and are making a diaper run, because your baby goes through 11 diapers every day and your husband had to go back to work, so he can't make the run for you. You may wear PJ B's.

It is more than possible that I have missed a few special circumstances, so if you can think of any, please feel free to add them. Like I said, you may also disagree. I've just been thinking about this for several weeks, and I'm hoping that by writing it down, I can finally get some sleep. In my favorite pajama bottoms. At home.


Ashley and Kelland said...

Ah.....pajama bottoms:)

Tara said...

I am a HUGE PJ B wearer! I would wear them all day everyday if that were possible! But since it is not, I do actually own real pants! I agree with all those times listed as acceptable and probably have worn them to many more 'non-acceptable' places! But fortunately, I do know where to draw the line (I hope) and I can honestly say that I would NEVER wear PJ B's to a professional theatre production! I'm sure I wear them to some places that embarrass those I am with...but I do try to draw the line somewhere!

Robert Choate said...

I have also seen this phenomenon in public previously. Thanks for clarifying various situations for me. I am glad I don't have to think of this though, but I will make sure Taryn abides by these rules.

Shelby said...

Just to add to the rant, I would like to point out that unless you are a surgeon, nurse, or other health support professional, scrubs are just pajamas for people who are kidding themselves. The same rules apply.

And just to clarify, while it may be ok to wear PJ B's in the places your listed, it is never ok to leave you house wearing nothing but PBJ's.

Tammy said...

Call me old fashioned (but not old!) but I just can't see not putting on real clothes when you are in public. C'mon, how hard is it to slip a pair of pants on. Just a pet peeve of mine...

Janna said...

Mom, you might be surprised to know that your pajama-loving daughter agrees with you. Unless it's an emergency situation, I don't think pj's should be worn in public. Having said that, however, I admit I'd really like the idea of having some exceptions to that rule because pj bottoms are oh so wonderful and cozy. I just don't think there are. Still, a good pair of sport warm-up pants are often just as comfy and a far step ahead of pj's in terms of being publicly acceptable. Wear it with a top that makes the outfit look deliberate, not an oversized, non-matching t-shirt, for example, and you'll avoid scornful eyes.

Anonymous said...

So funny! I love it! When i taught school i bought those rayon pants that were in--they looked nice and flowy but they felt like PJ B's--just in case you need to have your cake and eat it too!
You rock! Merry Christmas! : ) Lisa Lonsdale

Jessica said...

I think wearing them to class is are all going to think I am crazy. BJ bottoms are ok in non-formal or business cas situations. I have also been known to show up to work on a Sat with them. However it is never ok to wear a PJ top. T-shirts are ok :)