Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mini Vacation

A few weeks ago, Shelby had a conference in Provo at the Marriott hotel. It was an overnight, and since his roommate would not be staying over, we decided to bring the fam down for a little free vacation time. Now, because Xander refused to sleep in his Graco and because they gave Shelby a room with only one bed because it was "only him," the five of us didn't get much R&R, but we did make some great little memories...including when we got Xander out of the pool and dressed, only to watch him jump right back in, fully clothed. Are you sensing a Xander theme here(see two posts ago)?

Kids on the over-taxed bed :)
Kids doing something they can't do at home. NOT! (Note the unused Graco in the background).
At the Bean Science Museum at BYU. We "bearly" made it!! Har har.
We randomly ran into one of our most favorite people on campus. We LOVE Nique! Totally a highlight ;)Taking our family pic in front of that cute family sculpture at BYU. I totally have always wanted to do this. See how patient Shelby is being? This was not a planned stop on our golf-cart tour :)We had a great time. My favorite memory is Shelby explaining to the kids that when they go to college they can go to study anything they want. Skyler was excited that he could major in just science or computers or engineering. Aria was excited to learn that she could major in doing Grandpa Shows. Xander was just happy for the pizza at the Cougareat. Good times :)


TPlayer said...

Isn't it weird how a campus we often dreaded dragging ourselves out of bed to walk all over all day long, has now become one of the most nostalgic and respected places in our lives?! (Well mine anyway)

Robert Choate said...

But I hope that you taught the children that although they can study what they want there really is only one place to go to college and that they were there at it. That is what teach Brigham each week as put a little money into his BYU bank.

Jessica said...

I love that Xander jumps into water fully clothed! This is much better than the alternative lol :)

Anonymous said...

Oh cute family!!! I was so incredibly happy to see you on campus! I was walking home after a really long day to go to the temple for some peace and I ran into my most favorite family ever. Totally made my day!...my whole week, even! Ahh..don't you love BYU, I adore it! (Nique :D)