Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skylerism: THAT sick

Skyler's had quite a high fever for the last few days. We just found him curled up on the floor of his room with a blanket and decided to move him to our bed for the afternoon.

D: "Come on, buddy, let's move you to Mom and Dad's room."

S: Groans. "Alright."

M: "Look, sweetie, I've got your pillow and Teddy. He can come with you."

S: "No thanks, I'd like some alone time."


Tammy said...

He is just too cute. The poor little sickie. I hope he feels better soon. Teddy was only trying to be supportive, but alone time is good too. ;)

Janna said...

A true male. Even a stuffed animal is too much company on ocassion.

Jaymie and Paxton said...

I was looking at your preivous entry and I remember a conversation we had with Kira that went something like this, "I saw some middle aged children on campus today. That is so weird, I forget there are middle aged children." It looks fun to have your kids see our old stomping ground. PS if you want any more pageant info-email me! Love ya girl!

Layne and Teresa said...

So sad when they're sick!
But, very happy we found you guys!! Love the blog!
Teresa WIlliams
(ps- we finally moved out of student housing)

Cindy said...

That's Awesome!!! Ethan told me that I had the "biggest little bum in the whole world" the other day! I am choosing to take that as a compliment.

Jessica said...

too funny