Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ariaism: bedside manner

I'm getting my tonsils out on Monday. I am pretending to be very excited, hoping it will cure some of my sense of doom. My sweet, sweet Aria, sensing my nervousness, is trying very hard to soothe my anxiety. Her intentions are good, but her delivery needs work.

A: "Mom, don't worry, because when you get your tonsils PULLED OUT, at least people will bring you things like ice cream!"


A: "Mom, I know your scared about having your surgery, but when you get your tonsils CUT OUT, you can just think about us and how much we love you!"


Tara said...

Everything will go well.. deep breaths.... enjoy the pampering to come! Hang in there.

Myndi said...

It's not that bad. I had mine out. The worst part is waiting. You'll be fine. You have 3 kids to watch grow up. ;) also a horde of loyal blog stalkers to keep entertained with humorious opservations and compelling anecdotes (if you could get skyler to fix the spelling on that that'd be great)

Tara said...

The doctors are trying to take mine too! I am resisting. Please tell me if it is worth it. And eat tons of ice cream! :)