Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Xanderism: animal

Our AMAZING friend Ashley made our kids these totally awesome quiet activity packets for church. Seriously, they are awesome and I'm sure it took at least several weeks or months to put them all together. Love you Ash!

Anyway, Xander and I were working on one where you match one animal with its pair for Noah's ark.

I held up a pig.
M: "What's this?"
X: "Issa pig!"

I held up a cat.
M: "Good, buddy, what's this?"
X: "Dat-sa cat."

I held up a cow.
M: "Great, Xander! What's this?"
X: "Dat-sa herbivore!

Looks like I've got another scientist on my hands.


mills5 said...

You have some really funny kids. Thanks for sharing their funniness!

Tammy said...

HOLY COW!! heh heh

beav said...

I know what herbs are for ....

April Jo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my.... your have got your hands full with your bunch!

Myndi said...

you need to get Xander into football or something. I think the universe can only have 2 ridiculously smart people in one house at one time. lol that's funny tho