Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Like an epidemic

Aria had another bathroom injury today. Seriously. This time, Shelby followed the screaming and crying and found her wedged between the toilet and the wall. Once she was freed and calmed, I asked her how she managed to even get into that space. She didn't even know. She said she was standing in front of the toilet and next thing she knew she had fallen between the toilet and the wall. This is getting to be absurd. She seems to have a talent for it. So, I suppose if theater and fashion design don't work out, she'll always have this as a back-up.


Brandon said...

WELL, It happens to the best of us, let me just tell you! And believe me Aria can do anything she wants, she might be the first woman president!

Myndi said...

Maybe you and Shelby should Lock up your liquor better. lol Actually soulds like the girl needs some gymnastics. That's flexiblity