Friday, January 9, 2009


Shelby here, hijacking the blog again...

I was watching a football game last night when Aria came into the room and snuggled in next to me on the bed. After several attempts to lure my attention away from the game and onto her, she finally just asked me a question:

A: "Daddy, what's a 'little diva?'"

I suppressed my laughter long enough to answer her:

D: "Well, um...well...YOU. You are a little diva."

A: "I don't get it."

D: "You see, the word diva usually means an actress or a singer..."

A smile began to creep across her face.

D: "...who is the very best at acting or singing..."

The smile grew very large.

D: "...and because she's the so very good, she thinks that everyone should just give her whatever she wants and always pay attention to her and tell her how wonderful she is all the time."

I expected the smile to turn a little sour. Instead she beamed back at me and exclaimed:

A: "Hey, that IS just like me!"

You have been warned. Beware the little diva.


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I love that girl! And I think I have one just like her!