Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weighty matters

Ok. So, I've decided to try to lose a little weight/get a little healthier. I'm letting you all in on this now only because I am on day #9 and have seemed to be able to stick with it thus far. This is a new record for me by 7 days! In high school I counted Weight Watchers points for two whole days, and on a separate occasion I was faithful to the Atkins' Diet for a stellar day and a half. So, needless to say, I'm on a roll here and feel confident enough to admit it. I'm making no promises, however, about how long this will last, or if it will even make a difference, but I had to record that I even made it this far. I've even exercised for 4 days in a row! I know! Crazy!

It's really been coming for quite some time. It all started a couple of months ago when I could no longer deny the fact that I had developed a definite "muffin top." Hiding it under billowy shirts was no longer working for me.

Also, my friend recently decided to enter a pageant (Hi Jaymie!). I considered the possibility of entering one myself, and am rather embarrassed to say that I nixed the idea pretty quickly because I (it's horrible) was unwilling to give up Oreos. I know, shameful. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem.

Then, a few weeks ago I was purchasing a dress for a wedding coming up in May (I'm a bridesmaid, or matron) and the lady said that even though I said I was a size 12 over the phone(I'm not ashamed to say it), she said the dresses run small and I may actually be a 16, and would I please come in to be measured? I was really hormonal and started bawling like a baby over the phone. Like heaving boogery sobs. I went in to be measured and I really am a size 12, but I was shaken, I'm not gonna lie. Not that 16 is all that awful, but when you think you're a 12, it's not a number you want to hear.

The same day that I went in to be measured, I picked up my ring from the jeweler's and it was too small to fit my finger. I had a red, sore knuckle for hours. I later found out that they had sized it incorrectly and were off by a whole size. Still, not a great thing to happen that day to my already sensitive emotions.

I'm not even joking, but the final straw was also that very same day, when I came home and Aria pushed on my "muffin top" and asked excitedly if I was expecting a new baby girl. Yeah. When I finally, against her persistent insistance that I was, convinced her that Mommy was just a little chubby, she informed me that only daddies could be a little chubby, not mommies. While I did correct her assumption, I had really had enough.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, I run. I run away from my "muffin top," away from the Oreos which do so easily beset me. I say to my daughter, "No! Mommy is not pregnant and you can see it!" And to dress-makers and ring-sizers everywhere, "I am a 12 or smaller, dang it! And don't give me a ring bigger than a size 6!! This is my creed.


Jaymie and Paxton said...

You go girl. I'll tell you, your motivation changes when you have to stand in front of a lot of people wearing very little. I think a lot more people would lose weight if those were the stakes.

Tammy said...

Steaks? Did you say steaks? jk. I digress. I'm excited for you Annie. You're motivating me. I'm proud of you!

TPlayer said...

First of all, everything about you has always been beautiful-so it's not like it even matters, BUT I do like what you said at the beginning about "getting healthier." I don'tknow if you have been reading my blog lately, but Since early December I've been exercising and going to the gym for the first time in my life! The past month it has become a lot easier and a habit of sorts. I haven't lost a pound! It's not about weight-it's about inches, so stay away from the scale. The stupid thing will only frustrate and discourage you. My tips are-do fun exerice (mix it up)-Don't run everyday or you will go crazy. Get some fun aerobics videos or pilates or an exercise ball. Also drink lots of water throughout the day. (It takes away the urge to snack). But when it comes to! In fact, eat before you exercise (lke a yogurt or someting with carbs) and then eat a meal right after. Breakfast is a must and if you're hungry or have the munchies-EAT! Keep the metabolism going (right now my big thing is granola bars!) But regardless of everything-I think you're a rockstar!

Heather said...

Way to go Annie. I've felt the same way, and I did something about it. I went on my first diet (weight watchers) and have lost 35 pounds! I went from a 14/16 to a size 8 (except up top, but I'm nursing, so give me a break). I'm thinner than when I got married. Bryant and I are training for a 5k together too. Wanna do it with us in May?

Julia said...

Go Annie! I'm proud of you! Now if I could just jump on board with you :)

Doug and Shayla said...

Way to Go! You inspire me. The other day Hailey told me I was "squishy" Hmm...not exactly what I was hoping for. :)