Saturday, January 3, 2009


In the last few weeks, Xander decided that 30ish words were no longer enough to satisfy. So, he's gone big-time and has been adding several new words daily to his repertoire. I've decided that now will be the absolute last time I'll be able to record the words he knows because tomorrow, I'm sure, he will acquire several hundred more. So, this post is mostly for me (sorry) and for those of you who know the little tyke. For the record, he also now says two new 3-word sentences. They are, "I love you," and, "I want treat." --you know, the essentials.

So, in no particular order:

Mama, Daddy, Aria(ahiya), Skyler(ahyer), fish(bish/fiff), Carmel-our rat(Marmel), Grandma(Maahma), Grandpa(Bahmpa), Emily(Emmy), Janna(Nanna), Shawn(On), Tim(Dim), Jess(Ess),Jesus, Santa(Anta/Ho ho ho), wuff wuff, meow, cat, puppy, dog, duck, quack quack, Paco(Caco), hi,wait, here it comes(ee ee comes!), ,Ruby(Buby...Iknow),Jake(Eek),wet,bath(bap),I,love,you,want,treat(eat),cracker(cacker),vitamin(ahmin),door,color(uhwo),notebook(ohbook),blanket(kankib),what?, red, blue, yellow(lellow),shoe, boot, pants, shirt, hat, coat, socks, diaper, NO!, yes(yesss/ess), have it, my turn, mine, book, head, ears, nose(beep beep nose), eyes, hand, foot, earring, cookie, breakfast, cereal(a-e-ol), alphabits cereal(E B Eh G's/E Eh P's),drink(ink), milk(unk), juice, apple(bapple), banana(ahnana), cheese, macaroni and cheese(and cheese), eggs, help, down, up, on, off, sky, some, lava, alligator(ahhgator), zebra(eebra), elepant(enephant), cold, hot, ouch, hurt, stuck(used frequently), roar(rarr), show, Max and Ruby(Ax and Buby...I know),Boo-Bah(bee-bah),Clifford(iffod), Nemo(Meemo), AIDA...and most of the original cast album including the choreography of Strongest Suit as well as the tribal chanting during Dance of the Robe, snow, yay, play(pay), more(moi), uh-oh, bubble(bubbos), me, walk with me(ah ih me),train(train/coo coo/choo choo), truck, car, plane(pane), snowman(no-man), dance, chicken, bawk bawk, mmm!, football(fooh-ball), story,binkie(bing' bee),please(pease), thank you, thanks,you're welcome(welcome),ok(oh-Kaaayy),weee!,EIEIO, spoon(meem),Frere Jacques(Re reh jacques), Three blind mice(ee bah mice),another one(nudda one), again(gen),one, two, three, four, seven, eight, more than what he has(two three). He can also correctly identify the following letters: A, D, E, H, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, X, Y. Oh, and when he wants something also(too-ah, too-ah).


Tammy said...

Oh what a cutie pie!!
What about "too ah, too ah, too ah"...what he says when he wants something ALSO. It's a little different than two three, right? It's especially cute when he has the "gimmee" hand motions to it with both hands.

Tara said...

I'm so behind on reading/updating my blog, but I see that you've got a new background and everything! I love it! And I can't believe how grown up Xander is!

Janna said...

"Meem" for "spoon"?? How did that one happen? He's so cute. I kept imagining him saying all those words. ADORABLE.

Myndi said...

He knows more words than I do! ;) Haha presh.