Thursday, May 28, 2009

Xanderism: spider

8:00pm. Bedtime. While not actually asleep, the kids are in bed.

X:"Ahhh! Spider! Spider! Ahhhh! SPIDER!!"

S:"Mooooooommm! A spider! Xander sees a SPIDER!! Hurry! Hurry! A SPIDER!!"

I run in and flip on the light.

X, standing up, looking down at the floor, where his recently-tossed binky lies:"Spider!!! (giggles) Binky Spider!"


Tammy said...

AHAHAHA!! That is SO funny! He really has a sense of humor! Let me just tell you about when we were babysitting him. He smelled stinky so grandpa asked him if he had a poop. He said yes so grandpa began to change his diaper. When grandpa saw that he didn't have a poop and exclaimed "Xander, you don't have a poop!" Xander laughed and said "ha ha, just kid'n." We all laughed so hard!!

Shelby said...

That kid's a punk. Too funny for his own good. He gets away with stuff I'd never let fly with his brother or sister because he laughs and dances his way out of everything.