Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ariaism: law and order

Aria was having a naughty spell. We were at the end of an extremely long day, full to the hilt with disobedience. She was in time out (again), when, exasperated, I asked her what she thought her punishment should be if she chose to disobey me one more time (I would like to note that what follows has not, nor ever will happen at my house. I have no idea where she got this). She looked up at me...

A: "I don't know...maybe sleep without blankets?"

M: "Sweetie, no. I'd never make you sleep without blankets. I was thinking maybe-"

A: "Sleep outside in the snow?"

M: "Oh my gosh."


Shelby said...

That kid is gonna write some great stories someday. All horror stories, I assume, but she'll make a million bucks.

Myndi said...

I have a friend who is trying to tpotty train his two year old. His son said "If I mess in the diaper will I have to sit by them? (They keep the diapers in a pile outside their back door. My buddy said..well I guess so. And his son "accidented" again and then was made to sit by diaper mountain for 10 minutes. His son has made leaps and bounds in potty training since then ;) just a random anectdote that kinda goes with yours..