Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who needs weights?

My two year old is heavy. Like, I'm always surprised when I change his pants that there aren't bricks glued to his thighs heavy. Like, baby elephant heavy. Like ,"Are you twins in one body?" heavy. Hauling that kid around is no small task. My favorite is when he refuses to walk and I have my hands full, so I'm forced to rearrange my parcels, grab him by the wrist and literally drag him to our next destination. Who knows? Maybe he's too heavy for his own little legs to carry and it's a coping mechanism. It's weird, because he's not even fat, he's just solid. I have no idea where he stores all his weight! Are his bones made of lead? Are his bum cheeks filled with water? Maybe he has iron lungs? Not a clue. One thing's for sure though, at least I don't have to worry about my own long as he's doing it, I'm not gaining an ounce.


Jaymie and Paxton said...

We call it splat mode at our house. When the kids go limp and you have to drag them somewhere.