Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Xanderism: sad day

After taking Aria to afternoon kindergarten the other day, Xander and I stopped in to say hi to Daddy in his classroom, as we occasionally do. He has such a fun time saying hello to the students and playing with the toys. He was, however, particularly distraught over leaving and commenced a meltdown, complete with screaming and dragging all the way out of the school.

I finally buckled his tushy into the seat and we began driving home. I let him cry it out...yup, still going...still going...ok wait-...nope, still going. Finally he seemed to taper off a little, letting it drag out with those recognizable post-meltdown sniffs which come about every 4 seconds apart.

M:"Are you still crying, buddy?"

X: "(sniff sniff) ...No. (sniff) I not. (pauses in self-reflection, sniff sniff) I smelling."

M: "Smelling?"

X: "Yes. (sniff sniff) I smelling da flowers(sniff). See?! (snifffffffff)