Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stuff I've said "no" to

So, my mom and dad have been eating healthier and exercising too. I was talking with my mom the other day and she said that she wished she got credit for all the sweets and junk food that she said "no" to, not just docked mentally, emotionally, and physically for the ones she said "yes" to. I'd had similar feelings, so I decided to tell the world about the stuff I've said "no" to because, dang it, I deserve some credit. Never mind what I've said "yes" to!!!! I invite all of you out there to feel free to add comments about stuff you've said "no" to as well because, dang it, you all deserve some credit too!!

Here's my list since I started my new eating habits. Stuff I've said "no" to:

ice cream sundaes
Oreo cookies
chocolate chip cookies
peach pie
cake shaped like slippers
brownies with fudge frosting

That's all I can remember for now, but I'm sure I'll add a post here and there about some new stuff I've said "no" to. Comment away, my friends, and be heard!!


April Perez said...

Good for you Annie! Donuts top my list. My hubby brings them home for him and the kids... talk about mean! :?P

Paul said...

lol..Did I hear a cake shaped like slippers in there?

TPlayer said...

I'm training for a half marathon, so I only allow myself sugar treats twice a week. The single scene and sugar go hand in hand, so it's a constant "No" pretty much everywhere I go. My roommates are obsessedw tih cupcakes right now, and they always have the cutest, most scrumptious looking things there staring at me on the counter. It's awful. But I say No to cupcakes and Yes to craisins :)

Heather said...

Annie, I just bought the first size 6 pair of Jeans of my life! You can do it!!! No is OK!

Kira said...

Oh, giving up Oreos is SO hard! Sigh. I'm on a diet- still trying to lose the last 2.5 lbs of baby weight... and then about 20 lbs after that. Oreos are evil. :-)

Jessica H said...

Wow. I haven't really thought about saying "no" to much. My best strategy is to say "no" while shopping for groceries. It is much easier to say "no" if it's not even there to tempt me. However- chocolate is of course something i can't say no to. even if the only chocolate around the house i happen to have is chocolate chips. :) "yes yes"