Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My favorite deal this week

My favorite deal this week is at Smith's. Friday from 3-11pm, you can get fresh blueberries for $1.00 along with many other special deals only available during those hours. The best I've seen them for in a while is 3/$5.

Also, I discovered that at Winegars in Clearfield, they have a Gator Deal which states that if any store within a 3-mile radius has any item marked lower than the same item at Winegars, they will give you that item for FREE!! I got free cheese last week. The checkers are a tad oblivious to the rule, but it is stated very clearly all over the store and has been up for months, so compare, and shop away!!


Ashley and Kelland said...

No way! Are you serious about those deals? Annie - I got to go shopping with you!:)

Heather said...

We tried to get blueberries at 4:00 and they were all sold out! Poor Bryant.

Annie said...

Bummer!!! Better luck next time, y'all!