Sunday, February 1, 2009


We have a rule in our family that no one gets snacks on Sunday until after all of the priesthood holders sit down after passing the sacrament. This rule has been in place since the dawn of Ferrin family time.

During the sacrament today:

S:"Mom, can I have my snacks?"


S:(whispering)"Can I have my snacks?"


S:"Mom, may I please have my snacks?"

M:"Skyler, what do you think?"

S:"I don't know. Can I have my snacks while I think about it?"


Myndi said...

hahahaha I applaud him for his efforts. that's a good try

Janna said...

Wow. Very clever kid

Shelby said...

The really clever one is Aria, who has figured out that she can get her friends in the next row to share their pre-Sacrament treats in exchange for some of her post-Sacrament treats, thus circumventing the whole family plan and eating through the entire meeting.

Kathy said...

How can you argue with logic like that? If it was our kids, Ben would've given in because he says you have to reward creative thinking!

April Perez said...

I wish you guys were in our branch! It would be such a mad house if our kids ever got together! hmmm.... maybe for the sake of reverence it's a good thing we live on the other side of the country... :?P