Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My favorite deal this week

Ok, my favorite deal this week is at Smith's. They have Kroger cottage cheese on sale for $1.oo. We love cottage cheese in our family so you'd better believe we'll be stocking up :0) They also incidentally have Dole Garden Salads for $1.00 each as well.
Harmons has grapefruits for .33. I LOVE grapefruits!!

Here's how I worked the Winegar's Gator Deal this week: Smith's has Tide 2x Laundry Detergent on sale for $6.49, a dollar cheaper than Winegar's price at $7.49. So, I brought in the Smith's ad along with the detergent from the shelf up to the register and got it for FREE!! I also received many admiring looks from the manager and other store employees who had to give props to my shopping saavy moves ;)

Warning and reminder: Getting this deal requires a bit of guts, as checkers are still somewhat unsure of what to do in this situation and must ask assistance of the manager. The managers get it though, so no worries. It's a fair and square deal. I even measured the trip distance between the Smith's in Clinton and the Winegars here in Clearfield and it's exactly 3 miles. For the record, there is a Macey's only 2 miles from the store, so if you can find the same item for cheaper there, you can also get it for free at Winegars. One deal per customer. You can do it! I have faith in you!!


Kathy said...

Have you heard of the Grocery Game? It's a GREAT way to save money and I think you would really like it! I'll send you the link with more info if you want.