Friday, October 31, 2008


This is Shelby, doing a little guest blogging today to tell you a story that could only have come from my family.

Two nights ago we were in the front yard carving pumpkins. The kids found the process of cleaning pumpkin goo out with their bare hands fairly unpleasant and soon found other ways to entertain themselves while Annie and I finished the job.

Before long, Skyler and Aria were climbing into the lower branches of an ugly juniper tree near the corner of the house. Skyler was the first to reach the top part of the tree, about 15 feet from the ground. Aria joined him a moment later and yelled out:

Aria:"Hey daddy, I can see the roof from here."

Daddy:"Cool, honey!"

Aria:"Can I get on it?"

Daddy:"I don't think so. That would be dangerous."

Aria (pouting):"But I wanted to get on there and play a violin!"

After a moment of confusion it hit me, and I was so proud to have a theater nerd for a daughter. If you got the reference instantly, I'm glad to have you in the family too.


Ashley and Kelland said...

Wow--I'm so proud of her! I hope my kids become theater nerds too!:)

Myndi said...

hahahaha that's freakin awesome.. and a little fightening! I love your family

TPlayer said...

I got it instantly and my immediate thought was "GOOD GIRL!"
Annie, what's your email address?

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I got that instantly. Woohoo Aria!

Emily said...

I am so proud to call her family! We were NEVER that cool!