Monday, October 13, 2008

First snow, Winter...uh, Fall 2008

Sunday morning we all woke up to a Winter the early Fall! After church, we let the kids enjoy it:)

Daddy was thrilled to take the 1/2 hour to help them all get dressed.
It was perfect snowman snow. The kiddos are standing behind their "self" snowmen.
The whole snowman family. See the Halloween ghost decorations hanging behind them (Courtesy of Shelby).
Skyler said, "I can't believe it! I love the snow just as much as video games!" He's also big into tasting the "delicious" snow....
Aria insisted on wearing this too-small hat because it was the only one with a pom pom on top. She also insisted on wearing gloves that were not wet-proof because they were "prettier." She later insisted on wearing my gloves....
Xander didn't remember snow from last year, so he was pretty excited. He wanted his mittens off so he could make little snow balls and squish them until they broke. He got a real kick out of it and kept repeating, "Snow! Snow!"
Who doesn't want yummy hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff after an afternoon out in the snow?!

Not a bad way to start the season, even if it's early!


Ashley and Kelland said...

I'm glad you guys actually enjoyed the snow. When we opened the door to do our paper route, our mouths fell open to see a blanket of white that we knew was going to be a pain. And it was! the roads were so slippery that we almost died like 5 times--good thing I'm such an amazing driver!:)

Tammy said...

I have to click on each of the pictures so that I can see their beautiful faces up close. I refrain from covering my computer screen with kisses.
Side note: crazy snow!! It looks like you kept your Halloween decorations up a little too long...when in fact...HALLOWEEN IS NOT EVEN HERE YET!!