Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Who do you think I am??

Ok, so I've not blogged in a few days and I kid you not, at least 4 of you have accused me of not blogging based on my recent indulgence in the Twilight series. Who do you think I am?? I thought we were friends and that you knew me better than that! Just because I only have 30 pages left in my book and I can tell you the sentence I'm on, doesn't mean I'm neglecting my blogging because I like my book. :)
Actually, the honest-to-goodness truth is that the power cord on our laptop decided that it was done performing its thankless job. I was fiddling with its fits-y self, trying to align it just right with the stars, when it kissed me goodbye. It was literally a shocking experience (I have the little black spot on my index finger to prove it). That was the last of its working days. Shelby saw it coming and had already ordered a new one, but it's not due until Wednesday or Thursday.
You are probably asking yourself, "Yeah, but how is she blogging now?" You all are awfully interested in me. I actually have a computer downstairs in the family room. It's very difficult to escape down to this corner of the house with the kids around. But today, Xander is napping, Aria's at a play date and Skyler is in school. I'm FREE!!! :) So, I will use this time to empty the "To Blog" folder in my brain (I'll have to do pics later...they're on the inaccessible computer), enjoy a little peace and quiet, and then I'll finish my book.


JoAnn said...

So I admit it. I was one of the few that accused you. But how am I expected to make it through without my nightly laughter. I really missed your posts. =) Welcome back Annie!

Annie said...

Yay! Thanks:)

April Perez said...

Being addicted to Twilight is nothing to be ashamed of... I read them all from the library, except Breaking Dawn, it was checked out, so I had to get the audio book version and listen too it... frustrating! I can read a lot faster than they can read it out loud on the recording, but the presentation was pretty good, which made up for the slower pace. Now I need to figure out who I can weasel into buying me the boxed set for Christmas... Oh and I actually talked my hubby into taking me to the movie... not the best film ever, but it satisfied my Twilight craving, even though I thought it wasn't nearly long enough.