Sunday, November 16, 2008


I can't believe I forgot this one!

After Aria and I finished voting, I promised her we could go get a free "voting donut" from Krispy Kreme. On the way, however, we had to stop and make a deposit at the credit union.

A: "Momma, where are we going? I thought we were gonna get a donut."

M: "I'm sorry, honey, we are going to get a donut, but first we have to stop at the credit union so I can make a deposit."

A: "But I wanted a donut!"

M: "You'll get a donut...and if you don't complain while we're here you can also have a sucker."

A: " What!? We voted for a sucker!?"

(And I thought to myself, you know, given the big ol' mess our president has to deal with, maybe we did. Too late! I respectfully say, 'Sorry, sucka!')


Lindsey said...

that is awesome!! I just discovered your blog (from your facebook profile) and checked it out. Thanks got making me smile! So cute!

Lindsey said...

typo- that should read: "thanks for making me smile."