Thursday, November 27, 2008


Skyler and Aria recently had the great privilege of attending a local production of Peter Pan with their Grandpa Ferrin. He generously took both of them to the brunch beforehand and then the show (they were pretty impressed with the "Director Reserved: Ferrin" signs on their seats--it pays to go to shows with the "in" crowd).

After watching hours of Captain Hook terrorize the good guys, they saw him thrown overboard his own ship where he had to sort out his fate with that ticking crocodile he so hated.

Skyler, who watched silently, but intently, finally leaned over to grandpa and whispered,"Well, it's like I always say; what goes around, comes around."


Jessica said...

Kids say the funniest things! It makes me wonder where they hear it from :) I cannot wait for Lexi to be able to spend more time with Skyler and Aria and little Xander they are going to be such a crack-up crew!