Thursday, November 6, 2008


M:"Sweetie, did you read the note I left for you in your home lunch?"

S:"Uhm, no."

M:"What?! You didn't read it? Why not?"

S:"Well, I didn't know what it said! Hmmm...I guess that's how it always is before you read something."


S:"Well, I guess I thought maybe it said that you hated me or something."

M:"What?! Skyler! It said that I loved you so much and I was thinking about you and hoping you were having a great day! I would NEVER say I hated you. I don't hate you, I LOVE you!"

S:"Oh, yeah. Or maybe I thought you were writing about Olivia (name has been changed to protect the innocent), and you know, she's my enemy.

M:"What?! Why would I write a note to you about Olivia?"

S:"I don't know, Mom. Why would you?!"

M:"What?! I DIDN'T!"

S:"Oh. Oh yeah."


Myndi said...

how dare you write your son a note that he doesn't know what it says about his enemy! ;) lol that's funny stuff...