Saturday, November 22, 2008


At recess last Thursday, Skyler was plowed over by an overenthusiastic, oblivious running classmate. He unfortunately landed head-first on the black top and received the most enormous goose-egg you've ever seen. Trust me. I really think you've never seen one this big. None of the teachers or staff at the school had ever seen one this big either. The pic doesn't do it justice, I assure you. It literally stuck out about 2 full inches from his head.
The good news is that the swelling is way down and he remained coherent. The bad news is that he had to get it in the first place, and also that the bruising is pretty unbelievable. We're just grateful that it wasn't worse. Head injuries are scary!!
Oh! Also, that thing on his head is the cold corn bag I sewed at the Super Saturday activity! Sew handy!! I must admit I'm surprised it works.


Tara said...

I saw it and I have to was HUGE!!

Jessica said...

Oh Annie the corn bag looks great! Hope the swelling is down :)