Saturday, November 22, 2008


Anyone who's been around my children lately will have noticed that they've been a bit cranky. For those of you who know Aria, this will come as no surprise, but for Skyler it's a little shocking and quite disconcerting. This happened on the ride home yesterday:

Aria:"Mom, you're a stinkermama!"

M:"What?! I am not! Why would you say that, Aria?"

S:"Um, I'm thinking of a word that I think maybe Aria's thinking of and that word is "Youdeservedit."


Rebecca said...

Crankiness is in the neighborhood...a little girl named Grace is guiltly at my house!

Jessica said...

Unfortunately I think it is the time of year, Lexi too has been unusually grumpy.

Tammy said...

Dad's been grumpy too ;). Oh wait, that's normal....jk. haha