Saturday, November 29, 2008


Today Skyler and Aria were out playing on the tree swing, when Aria did not get as long a turn as she wanted.

Aria, huffing and yelling:"FINE!! I'm going to run away to AMERICA!!!"

Skyler, calling after her:"Aria! You're already IN America!!"

Aria:"Really? Oh....well FINE! I'm going to run away to SALT LAKE!"

Xander, waving:"Bye!! Bye, Aria!!"


Anonymous said...

I love that guy !!!!!!!!1111

Janna said...

Hahahahahaha That whole scene is hilarious, and so telling of each child. Oh, why can't I be around when things like this happen?!! (By the way, I get a kick out of the Word Verification "words" they have us write below. "liente" "compi" "xysicult" :) )

Kathy said...

Oh, the drama of being the only girl!