Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Olive Garden

I've come to the conclusion that the Olive Garden is the only restaurant on earth where the people dining there are really as happy as they appear to be on the commercials. I know that I honestly look that happy when I eat there. You should take me there and see.

Red Robin? Applebees? The people look WAY to happy to be where they are. Send those people to Olive Garden! It's where they belong.

I dare say that the only other commercial that has it right is maybe Chuck E. Cheese, but that doesn't count because all those people are

1. Children

and let's face it,

2. Happy for reasons other than food. You know it's true.

So, thank you, Olive Garden commercial makers. You are the diamond of truth in the rough sea of misleading restaurant advertisements.

And thank you Olive Garden chefs, for pasta fagioli soup, chicken alfredo, and extra dipping sauce for my extra yummy breadsticks. I love you.


Jessica said...

annie you are such a dork! I really cannot wait to come and visit so we can go to Olive Garden!!

Janna said...

Carrabba's is WAY BETTER. Let's go to Carrabba's! But I'll give it to you that the guests aren't as lively there, because it's a different kind of atmosphere.

Jessica said...

mmm I love Carrabbas! Tim doesn't...but if he is out voted lets go there lol

Shelby said...

Carabba's is alright. So is Olive Garden. I'd pick Ottavio's.