Monday, September 15, 2008

Don't worry darling!

Aria has been talking lately about getting the new Barbie and the Diamond Castle movie. She had the thrilling experience of watching it 3 times this last weekend with her friend, Maura. Today during quiet time, she wanted to watch Barbie Mermaidia and told me that she wants The Diamond Castle movie for her birthday. I reminded her that Christmas is closer than her birthday. "You mean I could get it from Santa?"
"Maybe, if you're a good girl!"
"I'm ALWAYS a good girl on Christmas!"
"I know, sweetheart. You really are. But you have to be a good girl and make good choices for the whole year. Santa watches you the whole year."
"A whole year of Christmases?"
"No, a whole regular year."
Aria's countenance dropped. She looked like she was going to cry. "But I will never be able to do that and make no naughty choices for that long." She was crestfallen.
"Oh! Honey, don't worry. If you are trying to make good choices all the time, say you're sorry for the naughty choices you make, and try harder next time, you'll be okay."
She looked relieved, though thoughtful, and settled in for her movie.
This may improve her behavior, maybe not. But it made me grateful for repentance...and not because of the Barbie movie. A lifetime is a long time to make no naughty choices.


Myndi said...

wow. that was both entertaining and deep. wow.

mills5 said...

Thanks for sending me your link. You have some great "isms" happening. /resm