Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pool party

We went to a pool party at our friends' house last night for family night. There were a lot of our Layton High Theater family members there and it was lots of fun. My favorite moments:
Xander does the Downward-Facing Dog Yoga position ceremoniously before he enters the water...every time, all the time (Many thanks to Emily, who ensured that nothing Greg Louganis-y happened).
Skyler's cousin Hayden decides to take off his life vest and enter the deep end, despite the fact that he can't swim. Skyler, who is floating there with, well, arm floaties, quickly becomes Hayden's only hope. Hayden climbs on Skyler, and they both go under. Both are rescued. When I check on Skyler, he says, "Hayden was trying to save his own life, but he almost ruined mine!"
Aria sports a new BodyGlove Swimming suit. You know the ones with the rectangular foam-y things in them for bouancy? Wearing this and paddling across the pool on a noodle, she proudly proclaims, "I guess I don't have to take swimming lessons after all!"


Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

let me try this again...
Looks like there are too many vowels in bouancy..er....boyancy...umm bouancy...anyway, LOVE that you have a blog....as long as you don't talk about me! Ha ha!!