Wednesday, September 24, 2008


M: "Why are you falling in love with the girl in your class? Is she beautiful?
S: "Well, kind of."
M: "Well, is she really nice?"
S: "I guess. Well, I think she has a nice voice, but some people think she has a weird voice because she talks like my other friend. He talks kind of weird, like it's kind of funny 'cuz he says 'whehw' instead of 'where' and stuff like that. Like he can't really say his words really the right way. I think maybe he's from Vermont."


Tammy said...


Shelby said...

Invite him over and see if he goes in the wrong door. That's the only way to be sure.

Tammy said...

um. Good one. But, I take exception to the back door being called the "wrong" door. jk

April Perez said...

heeheehee... I told you about my World Civ. professor in NY that said in his family when someone died they didn't say they had "passed away", they said they had "gone to Vermont"!