Thursday, September 11, 2008

City libraries make me cry

City libraries make me cry. Not in the "you've hurt me" kind of way. It's more like the "Wedding Cry" or the "I'm Moved by the Members of the Armed Forces Marching in this Patriotic Parade Cry". I know I'm not alone. You all are just very silent about you should be in a library. I appreciate your hushed tones.
Today I took Aria and Xander to storytime there, as I try to do weekly, and found my eyes tearing up as I listened to a young mother read a funny story to the gathered crowd of toddlers and preschoolers. It was not a laugh-til-you-cry book and I'm pretty sure it's not hormones(that may be debatable). I was just touched by the feeling of community and spirit of education which existed there. I admit this was not the first time.
I am so moved by city libraries that last year I signed up to be a volunteer storyteller there about once every month or two. I have enjoyed feeling like a small contributor to this great establishment. I am sure I'm not the best volunteer they have or the most emotionally invested, but I'm certainly the most emotional.