Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please pass the puke bowl

My boys are sick. They're the throw-up kind of sick. The "lay down the towels in the crib before they go to bed" sick. The "hello, this is your son's school and your little guy has thrown up on the playground please come and get him" sick. The "I was up all night letting Xander throw up on me 5 times so you could sleep, sweetie; and I've just thrown up at work" sick. Somehow Aria and I have avoided this boy-attacking disease, which is fortunate because if the girls went down, who would be left to take care of the boys? You know how it goes.
I had to make a special trip to the store for Gatorade, Saltines, and Lysol. Some fellow shopping moms looked into my cart knowingly. The check-out lady mentioned the number of women she'd seen so far today leaving with similar items. I wish you could have seen the look on Skyler's face when I told him there are certain situations when Gatorade is actually healthier to drink than water. You'd have thought I'd explained that candy is good for dinner. He looked shocked and amazed.
I've so far managed to help curb the hurling and Xander seems to be on the mend, but Skyler has a low-grade fever and Shelby still can't bring himself to eat anything of substance. He instead focuses what energy he has on making sure that I eat healthy foods and candy...after dinner. Thanks, babe! What a guy :)
I wish my boys would get better soon. It's hard to see them sick. At the same time, I know the illness won't last long and I'm grateful it's nothing more serious. So, while I wait, I'll clean up the vomit, push the Gatorade and Saltines, and count my blessings.


JoAnn said...

We hope you all feel better! Hopefully, no girl attacking germs will get you and Aria!

Emily said...

Uch! Barfing is the worst. And it's awful when they don't know how to get it in the toilet. So much cleaning! Hope it all gets better for you and here's hoping you nor Aria get it.

Robert Choate said...

That has been our life this week too. One of us right after the other. I just started a new work schedule and I have missed 3 days of work now because of it all with my own sickness and now taking care of the the others. Hope you guys are surviving.