Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am a celebrity!

I am a celebrity. I'm an honest-to-goodness celebrity. I am on the INTERNET!!! I have a BLOG!!! Check out next week's people magazine and you will see ME on the cover. This should not surprise you though; you should all already know this because I am famous. Perez Hilton is doing a spot on me as I speak, er, blog. At least, this is how my mom makes me feel.
She is so excited about my blog that it has become the subject of HER status update on Facebook. She actually thanked me for setting up a blog, and did it in that "I'm SO excited" voice that only a proud mother can muster. You know the voice- the one that gets kind of squeaky and breathless towards the end? She called me twice to make sure that she was advertising the correct address to all of her friends. "Okay, okay. It's Anniemightblog...what? Dot what? Dot blogspot dot com? Okay. Anniemightblogdotblogspotdotcom. Oh! This is SO exciting!" She made me stay on the phone while I "listened" to her read my blog to herself in her head. Sometimes she would up it to a whisper when she got really into it, then laugh heartily at moderately funny parts.
Mom, I know you're reading this!! Thank you for being so supportive. I tease you a lot, but you are seriously the best. And guess what? YOU'RE famous too! You're on my blog!
Love, Annie the ROCKSTAR


Tammy said...

oh geesh. ok, I laughed until I cried at this one. I'm such a dork. But I'm glad you love me anyway.