Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Where have all the blog posts gone? Long time passing.

Okay, so I've just been thinking about how many years I haven't been blogging and all the funny things that happened during those years, so I've decided to introduce a new feature to my blog: the "Classic". In my family, things that are "Classic" are not the typical classic things (red Schwinn bikes, Model T cars, Coca-cola). "Classics" in my family are anything awesome that happened a while ago...or even right now, that will be a while ago, and will still be awesome later on. Get it? Anything that has awesomeness lasting power and may or may not be classic to anyone else. So, I will be adding "Classic" _______(insert name of child)isms and "Classic"__________lessons learned the hard way(s); things that happened a while ago, but are still awesome and are worth remembering (at least for me). I just thought you should know that.