Saturday, September 20, 2008


Aria told me about a girl in her dance class.

A: "You, know, Mama. The one with the really curly curly hair and it's sooo curly? She's famous and she's in my dance class!"
M: "Really? Why is she famous?"
A: "Umm, I don't know, but she's the one with the really curly hair."
M: "And she's famous?"
A: "Yes! She's SO famous, she has curly curly hair.
M: "Huh. Do you know what famous means?"
A: "Umm, what does famous mean?"
M: "It means that everyone knows who you are and usually you're on TV or in magazines."

Aria looks thoughtful.

M: "You know, I could curl your hair everyday if you wanted."
A: "Really?! But what if I wanted to wear a headband?"
M: "You still can with curly hair."
A: "Yeah, but sometimes I want a ponytail."
M: "I can curl your ponytail."
Aria's getting really excited now.
A: "What about pigtails?"
M: "Curly pigtails!"

She looked like she'd died and gone to Heaven! Now Aria asks to curl her hair almost everyday, and by the look on her face and the strut in her step, you'd think she really was famous.


kabeaner said...

I love the changes you keep making to your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and so are your kids! I love the silly things kids say. Today Max told the home teachers that Mommy has a clean bum.

Jaymie and Paxton said...

It is too true that what you look like changes how you walk... Except when I strut I'm more likely to trip and fall on my face...