Thursday, September 11, 2008


In July, the kids and I saw snail outside the library on the walkway. It was a scorcher, so we saved the snail by putting it under a nearby bush.
Today, in September, Aria (4 yrs) decided to look under the bush for our little snail friend. Surprised and disappointed to discover that the snail was no longer there, she pouted, "Oh, our snail's not there! It must have snailed away."


Tara said...

Okay...words can not express how much I love your blog!! Already I am hooked and will be a daily reader...if not a couple-times-a-day reader!!!
If only I could come up with a blog name as cool as yours...I would join this blogging world!!
Luv ya!
P.S. I expect an autograph when I get my people magazine with your picture on the cover!

annie said...

Tara, I love you! Welcome to my blog :)