Saturday, September 20, 2008


We were at the Antelope Island Balloon Stampede yesterday. Among the attractions were horse rides for the kiddos. Grandma Blais took Xander to see them. Xander was petting the horse. Grandma: "Xander, what does the horsey say?"
X: "Meeeeow."
Turns out, not all horseys neigh.


Anonymous said...

Is he the cutest thing ever, or what?

April Perez said...

My Luci went to a preschool preview Mommy and Me class one time a couple of years ago... the teacher was asking the noises that different animals make... she said "What does a cat say?" The class erupted in a chorus of "meeoooww"s, but my daughter, nooooo, she said "HHHIISSS!" (her experience with cats must be limited to mean ones!)