Thursday, September 11, 2008

Xander is super snugly

My little Xander (20 months) has been super snugly for the last few weeks. I use the word "super" for two reasons. One, to irritate my sister Janna, who says, "Come on. Nothing is 'super' anything except Super Man. Use 'very' or 'really really'." Two, because he has been very, really really snugly. Like don't-think-about-putting-me-down-because-I've-got-you-in-a-headlock snugly. For the most part it's been very really really enjoyable. It's only slightly less enjoyable when I have to accomplish anything at all. It's hard to do dishes in a headlock. But irritated as I may become, it doesn't really matter that much because it turns out Xander's super snuggles have super healing powers which I think are, well...super.